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WTW inoLab 735 pH/Ion Meter


The pH/Ion 735 is an ideal instrument for reliable measurement in the lab of pH or ISEs. This high quality meter includes a built-in printer to save time. Single channel (BNC/DIN). Meter only.


Product Description

pH, mV and Concentration Measurements with a single Instrument

Meter has user-defined method capabilities as well as preprogrammed incremental techniques.
Features include automatic or manual temperature compensation
MultiCal™ 1- to 5-point calibration for technical and NIST buffers
ConCal® 1- or 2-point calibration for standard buffers; and 2- to 6-point calibration for ion measurements
Meter provides the functions of known addition and subtraction, sample addition and subtraction, and blank value addition and correction.
Includes a graphical user interface, a real time clock with date and time stamping, a data logger with memory for 800 records, and a bidirectional RS-232 interface. For documentation, meter also includes GLP protocols and a built-in printer.


WTW 735